Just Take Baby Steps To Business Success

You can own a successful business if you’re prepared to build your business a step
at a time. Take one step, and then another, even when you have no real idea of how
you’re going to get to your destination, beyond the next step.Taking baby steps involves faith, but faith isn’t something you have. It’s something
you do. Meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg says: “faith is about realizing that we
don’t have to be defined by the circumstances we find ourselves in. It’s seeing that
our lives are a lot bigger, filled with far more potential than we usually imagine… we
can step into the unknown and make a new beginning.” (From the article “Finding
the Connection” in The Oprah Magazine, September 2002.)So how do you do this?=> One: Decide on your destinationIf the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, you need to decide
where you’re headed.Sometimes we’re so scared of failing, that we don’t make that initial commitment,
that decision. We never say: “This is what I want”.Decide. Right now. And write down your decision. Buy a small notebook, or open a
new computer file. When you write it down, both left and right parts of your brain
take notice.If you feel nervous, reassure yourself that all you’re going to do is take baby steps.
One teeny step at a time, just whatever feels right for you in the moment. You won’t
ever ask yourself to do anything you are not capable of doing in the next moment.=> Two: Wait for your intuition to guide you to the next stepThere’s a voice inside you, which is your intuition, that nudges you along, a step at a
time. Your intuition whispers, it doesn’t scream, and it’s not negative, or afraid.Your negative inner voice is the Spoiler. The Spoiler says: “you can’t; you shouldn’t;
you won’t; it’s too hard; you’ll never get there; who do you think you are?”The knack to handling the Spoiler is recognizing it when it chirps up. Here’s a cute
imaginative exercise to muffle the Spoiler.Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the Spoiler. What does it look like? Is it
big, with a bulging head and massive eyebrows, and — what’s your image of the
Spoiler?When you can see the Spoiler in your mind’s eye, imagine it shrinking. It’s shrinking
until it’s tiny. It fits in the palm of your hand. Now pick it up and pop it into a jar, or
a box. Something with a lid. Screw the lid onto the jar, or close the lid and lock it.Now the Spoiler’s gone. You can’t hear it any more.With the Spoiler gone (you may need to repeat the disposal exercise each day, or
several times a day for a while), you can hear your intuition. Let’s call your intuition
your Director.You can picture your Director in your mind’s eye if you wish. Or you can listen for
him, or her. Your Director pushes. Sometimes I ignore my Director, but she’s
persistent. She nags. She nagged me into creating a blog (Web log) years ago, when
blogs were still considered weird by the mainstream.If you’re thinking that all this imaginative stuff is a mite odd, remember your brain
is divided into two halves, the left and the right brain. Your right brain isn’t verbal. It
thinks in images. Always. Whether you know it or not, and whether you care or not.
If you can become aware of these images, you can get your left and right brain to
work together more harmoniously. (If you’re interested in images, Carl Jung called
them Archetypes. To learn more, read popularized books on Jungian psychology.
Fascinating stuff.)=> Three: Remember that everything’s changing, all of the timeChange is frightening. However, everything’s changing. Nothing stays the same. So
you might as well go with the flow.Change doesn’t have to be bad news. It’s excellent news. It means that your
business will NOT stay the same. It will change, and all the myriad tiny things you
do each day do make a difference. They’re cumulative.Take action to steer your business in the direction you want it to go. If you want
more sales, do more marketing. Follow up with your contacts. Follow up with past
clients. Do at least five marketing tasks a day.When it seems that nothing’s happening, remember that it is, because everything’s
changing and you can’t stop change.You especially need to remember that everything’s changing when everything is
going well in your business. You can’t stand still. So if everything’s going well, keep
paddling in the direction you want to go. If you don’t, you may find yourself sliding
over a waterfall.=> Four: Listen to your resistance, it has meaningWhen you resist something – say marketing – your resistance means something.
Don’t just assume that you’re a lazy so-and-so and dump a heap of negative
thoughts onto yourself.Take a pen and some paper, find a quiet spot, and ask yourself some questions.Ask:* why aren’t I (doing whatever it is that you’re resisting)?* what am I afraid of?* what do I really want?* what should I do next?Answers will come.That’s all it takes to take baby steps to business success. So go ahead. Take one
small step.

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